Tennessee Valley Authority Watts Bar Unit 2 - Commercial Real Estate Developer
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Tennessee Valley Authority Watts Bar Unit 2

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About This Project

The Watts Bar Nuclear Plant is a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) nuclear reactor pair used for electric power generation. It is located on a 1,770-acre (7.2 km²) site in Rhea County, Tennessee, near Spring City, between the cities of Chattanooga and Knoxville. Watts Bar supplies enough electricity for about 1,200,000 households in the Tennessee Valley.


The plant, construction of which began in 1973, has two Westinghouse pressurized water reactor units: Unit 1, completed in 1996, and Unit 2, completed in 2015. Unit 1 has a winter net dependable generating capacity of 1,167 megawatts. Unit 2 has a capacity of 1,165 megawatts.


As of 2022, both units are the newest operating civilian reactors to come online in the United States, and Unit 2 is the first and only new power reactor to enter service in the 21st century in the US.